DreamHost Review 2019: Read This Before Purchasing.


With the internet ever increasing with more users and websites, there is an increasing demand for affordable and reliable web hosting. There are multiple hosting sites out there like DreamHost, but how do you know if they are any good?


Well here at FreeOnlineReviews, we have tested all the top contenders, and currently, we are running on DreamHost ourselves. With years of testing on multiple sites, we have found Dreamhost to be the best, but why?


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DreamHost Affordability:



Without a doubt, DreamHost is one of the most affordable web hosting providers out in the current market. What makes them step out of the crowd though is the ability to either pay annually or monthly.


Other web hosting companies in the market will ask for a full year upfront, which for some people can be a large investment. DreamHost on the other hand, lets you pay monthly and more importantly, lets you cancel anytime.


DreamHost Plans:


DreamHost does offer multiple types of hosting, with each option giving you a different hosting standard. If you are starting a new website and are unsure of what you should be choosing, we recommend the Shared plan.


If you select the shared plan and decide to pay annually, you do receive a free domain name, which that on its own will cost anywhere upwards of $10 a year.

If you do decide to go for the annual plan, CLICK HERE to receive $50 dollars off, that is our special gift to you and will only run until the end of the month.



The shared plan comes in two different options. The normal shared plan allows you to have 1 website under that plan.

For a few dollars extra per month, you can select the unlimited shared plan, which allows you to host as many websites as you want, yes it truly is unlimited.


All plans under DreamHost offer free SSL, which is uncommon among other hosting providers. The free SSL allows you to run your website as HTTPS and allows you to rank easier with Google.

Other web hosting providers can charge up to $25 per month extra for SSL, but with DreamHost it is free.


Speed Of Site:


It is no hidden fact that Google ranks faster websites higher on their search results, with Google stating that website speed is as important as the keywords used on the site.

Well, we are glad to say that DreamHost offers some of the fastest hosting possible, even under the shared plan.

Running multiple sites through the Google Search Console, they all came back as green speeds (Fastest speeds needed to rank the highest possible)


Ease Of Use:



DreamHost offers a built-in console which you can manage all of your domains and hosts in one place. You can easily have a WordPress website up and running within 10 minutes.

The 10 minutes are broken down to creating the hosting space, enabling SSL on the site and installing WordPress. Overall this is very quick and in some cases much quicker than its competitors.


DreamHost keeps you up to date on all processes via email and will let you know if any issues are encountered.

They do offer a great knowledgebase and getting started guide. If in doubt you have multiple ways to contact DreamHost for guided assistance.

Once you have navigated the console for a while, you will easily know where everything is located and just how simple the whole process is.





As with any technology out on the market, there is a need for support. DreamHost’s support is some of the best we have encountered in any tech firm, not only web hosting.

If you have ever used Amazons Live chat, you will be accustomed to DreamHost live chat.

The support team are very quick to resolve issues and are a friendly team to work with. A couple of times we have had to contact live support and each time the issues were resolved in under 5 minutes.

This is top quality level support and for us makes DreamHost one of the best web hosting sites for anyone starting out and in need of help.


The Not So Great:


There are few things with DreamHost which we would like to see improved, mainly their web dashboard. Once you know how to navigate it, everything makes 100% sense.

If you are starting out, there can be a few too many clicks needed to get to certain parts of the dashboard.

The other area which we feel could use some improvement is the Webhosting installing section. Again it does make sense once you have done it once, but the first time will be a bit confusing.





Overall DreamHost is a very solid web hosting provider. We have not had any issues directly with our sites and as mentioned they are very affordable and reliable. All maintenance is handled by DreamHost, so you do not have to touch any of the backend structure.

It offers a wide array of plans and for a beginner site, it is perfect as it will not break the bank. We seriously recommend this hosting and will continue to use it across all our sites for the foreseeable future. This is why we are offering $50 off your annual hosting paid for by us.






  • Affordable & Reliable
  • Very Quick To Set Up
  • World-class Support via Multiple Methods
  • Best Option For Hosting Multiple Sites
  • Free SSL


  • Dashboard Navigation Needs Work
  • Webhosting Section Not Fully Intuitive


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